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Women's Wholeness Intro Course

The course is an in-depth look at the eating habits of females & how it can be improved. It’s about establishing a healthy relationship with food, optimizing body composition and improving overall health.

Women's Wholeness Mastery Course

This course is designed to help you in your life. It helps you understand the reasons why women have eating disorders and how to overcome them with ease.

Who is this course for?

Women 20-45; women and Moms who are stressed, tired, handworking, emotionally exhausted and are hooked on sugar, refined foods with little to no time to put into themselves for self care, emotional work and overall. Women trying to lose weight, get fit, Christians, spiritual people, and the holistic health and wellness world. Individuals with years living in the same cycles of unhealthy patterns with no idea where to begin but know that they need to change.

Meet Ashley

I’m a woman with a HUGE heart to empower, encourage, and equip other women and Moms to walk in lasting health, happiness, and wholeness in all areas of life, starting from the inside out. My goal is to do so in the most practical, straight forward, HONEST and cost-effective way. I’m a FAR from perfect woman who loves adventure, the outdoors, exploring new cultures, faces and cuisine as well as experimenting in the kitchen with foods that are healthy but still taste GOOD! I’m a hippie-hearted, Momma Bear to three baby girls living in SoFlo (originally from New England) alongside my South African hubby of thirteen years. My nitty gritty’s are a personal 12+ year head, heart, and body journey of overcoming an eating, identity, and image disorder. I’ve had three unplanned c-sections. In addition, I have transitioned from being a corporate woman who never thought she’d be where she is now, a stay at home, working from home Momma (who loves it!). Not afraid to share my vulnerable, imperfect moments, my hope is that my transparency and testimony will inspire all to shine on despite your own hardships, transitional seasons, daily struggles, and imperfections. Thank you for joining me on this crazy journey called life!